V adj

The 'be' group

These verbs indicate that someone or something has a particular quality or is in a particular state. We include here keep, remain, and stay, which indicate that someone or something remains in a particular state. The verbs in this group are all link verbs (see Chapter 5). Keep is an ergative link verb (see Chapter 7).
She was not young, but she was beautiful.
I was feeling a bit lonely.
They had been burning charcoal to keep warm after their electricity had been cut off.
The law has proved difficult to implement, however.
The United States stands ready to take whatever military action is appropriate to bring things under control.
The verb pass is only followed by negative adjectives such as unnoticed and undetected, and the verb go is often followed by these adjectives.
Adler wasn't going to let such behaviour go unnoticed.
The verbs rank and rate are used with high and low. The adjective is usually followed by a prepositional phrase. This pattern is V adj prep.
The technology on which the machine is based, called parallel supercomputing, ranks high on the research agenda of every big computer company.
The verb work out is used with the adjectives cheap and expensive.
Check washing instructions before you buy - some fabrics are 'dry-clean only' which can work out expensive.
  • be
  • feel
  • go
  • keep
  • lie
  • pass
  • prove
  • rank
  • rate
  • remain
  • stand
  • stay
  • work out
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