V adv

Other related patterns

V adv for n

See meaning group 1 above.

V adv with n

See meaning group 1 above.

V amount adv

See Chapter 1, Section 5.

V ord

The verb is followed by an ordinal, such as first, second, or last, or by words like top and bottom. These verbs are concerned with the position of someone or something in a competition or list.
The 35-year-old also came top amongst all the celebrities taking part in a nation-wide quiz conducted by the BBC.
France ranked fourth in 1990 in terms of total spending on science as a percentage of gross domestic product.
The verb rank also has the pattern V ord prep. The prepositional phrase after the ordinal indicates the group of things or people in which the Subject holds a particular position.
In Europe, the latest figures show that occupational stress ranks second among work-related health problems.
  • come
  • finish
  • lie
  • rank
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