V amount

III.1 The 'increase' group

These verbs are concerned with changes in value, amount, level, or degree.
The nation's industrial production declined 2 percent last month.
In Paris, the dollar fell a fifth of a cent.
If you have five stocks, and three go down 75 percent, one goes up ten-fold, and one goes up 20 percent, you still have good performance for those five.
Antibodies increase two- to three-fold in experimental animals fed on excess vitamin E.
Income rose a bit for families without children.
The Dow Jones industrial average, which slid 37.55 points on Friday, finished 25.94 points up.
  • climb
  • decline
  • decrease
  • dive
  • drop
  • fall
  • increase
  • jump
  • plummet
  • plunge
  • rise
  • shrink
  • sink
  • slide
  • slip
  • surge
  • swell
  • tumble
  • go down
  • go up
  • move down
  • move up
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