V amount

II.1 The 'pay' group

These verbs are concerned with financial transactions such as buying, selling, or earning a living.
He is charging a hefty £39.95 plus VAT, more than double the going rate.
Sophisticated locals patronise the well-established jewellers, who quote fair prices; when pressed they knock off 10 per cent.
We must make sure we don't pay more than we need to.
I only pull in £25,000 a year before taxes as a social worker, which is like nothing to live on.
The phrasal verb knock off also has the pattern V amount P.
They should knock £2,000 off.
The verb cost always has an inanimate Subject, and the verb pay often does.
Things are expensive: a jar of black caviar costs 1,700 roubles.
The job now pays £135,000 a year.
  • ask
  • average
  • charge
  • cost
  • earn
  • get
  • make
  • offer
  • pay
  • take
  • cough up
  • fork out
  • knock off
  • live on
  • pull in
  • take in
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