V and v

Structure I: Verbs in phase

V and v
 Verb groupandverb group
I'll tryandhelpyou.
Phrasal verbs: V P and v
 Verb groupParticleandverb group
Verbs with this structure have a variety of meanings.
Then he goes and spoils it all by saying that just because something shows up on the graph doesn't mean it will happen.
They could go on and win the trophy.
I feel that if I say how tired I get and how much I long to stay at home sometimes, David will turn around and say, 'I told you so.'
One day he just upped and left.
In the case of try, both verbs are always in the base form.
He has started a privatisation programme to try and win support from the business community.
  • go
  • try
  • up
  • go ahead
  • go on
  • turn around/round
  • Structure information: Verbs in phase

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