V from n

Structure III: Verb with Adjunct

V from n
 Verb groupfromnoun group
SubjectVerbAdjunctAdjunct (optional)
Heescapedfromprisonon Saturday.
Gales of laughterissuedfromthe classroom. 
Phrasal verbs: V P from n
 Verb groupParticlefromnoun group
SubjectVerbAdjunctAdjunct (optional)
Sprayroseupfromthe surface of the water. 
He's runawayfromhometwice.
Verbs with this structure are all concerned with leaving or coming from a place, group, thing, person, or position. The Subject can be animate or inanimate. We include here verbs such as emanate and radiate which indicate that a quality is strongly shown by someone.
The verbs part and separate are often reciprocal verbs (see Chapter 6).
Smoke belched from the steelworks in the background.
A former Conservative councillor has defected from the party.
The service will depart from Inverness at 10.15, calling at principal stations to Edinburgh, before returning north at 15.35.
She takes photos of the buckled floors and the plaster that has fallen away from the walls.
She's going to destroy me. I have to get away from her.
I have parted from my wife by mutual agreement.
Restlessness radiated from him.
  • abscond
  • arise
  • ascend
  • belch
  • break
  • commute
  • defect
  • depart
  • desert
  • detach
  • disembark
  • disengage
  • diverge
  • divert
  • drain
  • eject
  • emanate
  • emerge
  • emigrate
  • escape
  • exit
  • fade
  • fall
  • graduate
  • haemorrhage
  • immigrate
  • issue
  • migrate
  • part
  • peel
  • puff
  • radiate
  • rebound
  • recede
  • recoil
  • return
  • rise
  • secede
  • separate
  • (not) stir
  • transfer
  • vanish
  • withdraw
  • back away
  • break away
  • fall away
  • fall back
  • get away
  • pull away
  • rise up
  • run away
  • split off
  • Structure information: Verb with Adjunct

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