V from n

V from amount to amount, V P from amount to amount

The verb is followed by a prepositional phrase which consists of from and a noun group referring to an amount, and another prepositional phrase which consists of to and a noun group referring to an amount. With the phrasal verbs, there is a particle after the verb.
Verbs with this pattern indicate that a quantity or level increases or decreases. The prepositional phrase with from indicates the original quantity or level; the prepositional phrase with to indicates the final quantity or level.
My wages will come down from just under £270 a week to about £210.
The top income tax rate would go up from 45 to 50 percent.
Inflation has increased from 8.9% to 9%.
During the twentieth century, life expectancy amongst the world's wealthiest populations leapt from around 50 to over 75 years.
Average starting salaries for graduates are forecast to rise from £21,000 to £26,000, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.
  • balloon
  • climb
  • decline
  • decrease
  • dip
  • dive
  • drop
  • fall
  • increase
  • jump
  • leap
  • mushroom
  • plummet
  • plunge
  • rise
  • shrink
  • sink
  • slide
  • slip
  • slump
  • soar
  • surge
  • swell
  • tumble
  • widen
  • come down
  • go down
  • go up
  • shoot up
  • Some of these verbs occasionally have the pattern V from amount, in clauses such as Trading volumes have plummeted from their twentieth-century peaks, where the original amount is not specified. However, it is much more usual for both amounts to be specified.

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