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II.5 The 'lapse' group

These verbs indicate that someone or something starts being in a different state, usually a bad one, or starts doing something.
She burst into tears.
Jeremy burst out into peals of laughter as he wagged a finger at us.
The Senate's public gallery was packed with the judge's supporters, who erupted into applause after he finished his argument.
They lapsed into silence, each caught in his own private world of guilt.
After celebrating the so-called 'economic miracle' of the 1980s, the country plunged into recession in 1990.
Such people often slide into a melancholic state as they age.
Three days later he slipped into a coma and died.
  • break
  • burst
  • come
  • descend
  • dissolve
  • erupt
  • fall
  • fly
  • get
  • lapse
  • launch
  • plunge
  • regress
  • relapse
  • retreat
  • sink
  • slide
  • slip
  • burst out
  • get back
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