V into n

III.1 The 'infiltrate' group

These verbs indicate that someone or something enters a place, group, or thing, physically or metaphorically.
This lack of finesse carried over into his dealings with customers.
More than 300 guests crowded into the ornate gothic rooms for a sit-down dinner.
Irrationally, another image from the past flashed into her mind.
The organizers said they believe pro-military thugs had infiltrated into the crowd and started the violence.
You can buy plastic divider strips which slot into the trays to form compartments.
  • ascend
  • assimilate
  • barge
  • bleed
  • book
  • break
  • check
  • cram
  • creep
  • cross
  • crowd
  • crumble
  • dive
  • empty (A river)
  • fall
  • filter
  • fit
  • flash
  • get
  • go
  • hack
  • infiltrate
  • integrate
  • intrude
  • jam
  • marry
  • move
  • pack
  • pile
  • plug
  • push
  • put (A ship)
  • roll
  • slot
  • splash
  • throng
  • tumble
  • withdraw
  • carry over
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