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The 'surprising' group

These adjectives indicate that something is surprising or unusual, or the opposite. They are used with verbs such as find or think.
Do you think it odd that it took him four weeks to learn to write his name?
Did you never think it strange that in five years together, we never once hugged?
He said he found it surprising that such organisations could operate in terms of secrecy in this day and age.
Curious is also used with verbs such as make.
It claims to be the world's fourth-largest consumer electronics company, which makes it curious that hardly anyone has heard of it.
  • amazing
  • anomalous
  • astonishing
  • astounding
  • baffling
  • bizarre
  • curious
  • extraordinary
  • fascinating
  • funny
  • incomprehensible
  • interesting
  • intriguing
  • natural
  • normal
  • noteworthy
  • odd
  • paradoxical
  • peculiar
  • puzzling
  • remarkable
  • staggering
  • strange
  • surprising
  • understandable
  • unremarkable
  • unusual
  • weird
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