v it ADJ to-inf

The 'wrong' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is judged to be bad in some way. They are used with verbs such as believe.
Many Christians felt it inappropriate to invite a symbol of darkness into the cathedral.
People living or working with smokers, who find it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses because the smoke causes irritation, can try using an ionizer to solve the problem.
Some people consider it unlucky to bring a newborn baby home from hospital in the back seat of the car.
Fruitarians believe it wrong to eat the living leaves and roots of vegetables.
Inappropriate and pointless are also used with verbs such as make.
The international nature of its business made it inappropriate to make political donations in any one country.
  • improper
  • inappropriate
  • intolerable
  • irrelevant
  • obscene
  • offensive
  • outrageous
  • pointless
  • sacrilegious
  • shameful
  • tasteless
  • unbearable
  • uncomfortable
  • undesirable
  • unethical
  • unjustifiable
  • unlucky
  • unseemly
  • useless
  • wrong
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