v it ADJ to-inf

The 'easy' and 'difficult' group

These adjectives indicate that an action is easy or difficult, safe or dangerous. They are used with verbs such as believe.
Increasingly more and more parents find it convenient to cycle into Cambridge City centre with their young children using child seats and trailers.
At the first opportunity she dodged into the nearest toilet and remained there until she judged it safe to emerge.
Difficult, easy, and hard occur very frequently with find.
Employers were also concerned that mature students would find it difficult to mix with a younger workforce.
'My legs were very weak and I found it difficult to walk,' he said.
Try drinking your tea or coffee without sugar. You might find it easier to cut down a little at a time.
Carolyn finds it hard to talk about the future and she is just taking each day as it comes.
All these adjectives except convenient and inconvenient are also used with verbs such as make. Difficult, easy, and hard are used particularly frequently.
It is hot and humid here for most of the year and this makes it difficult to spin cotton.
Prop yourself up with an extra pillow, as this will also make it easier to breathe.
Air travel was thrown into turmoil because the shortage of foreign currency made it hard to buy jet fuel.
  • awkward
  • convenient
  • dangerous
  • difficult
  • easy
  • hard
  • inconvenient
  • risky
  • safe
  • simple
  • tough
  • tricky
  • unsafe
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