V n off n

The 'peel' group

These verbs are concerned with removing something or someone from somewhere, either physically or metaphorically. This includes taking an amount of money or time off something such as a debt or a record. It also includes omitting someone or something from a list.
He threatened to boycott the wedding when his estranged wife was left off the guest list.
Leo stood by the dresser peeling the foil off a bottle of champagne.
In the case of clip, cut, and shave, the noun group following the verb is always or often an amount. This pattern is V amount off n.
Members of the House and Senate were trying to design a budget which would shave $500 billion off the federal deficit in five years.
  • break
  • chase
  • clean
  • clear
  • clip
  • cross
  • cut
  • flick
  • kick
  • knock
  • leave
  • lop off
  • peel
  • pluck
  • scrape
  • shave
  • skim
  • strike
  • take
  • trim
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