V n to n

III.12 The 'incite' group

These verbs are concerned with putting someone or something in a particular state, or making them behave in a particular way.
The party agreed not to threaten armed action, to train its soldiers inside the country, or to incite its supporters to violence.
There is enough evidence to suggest that factors such as personality, attitude and moral sense predispose some individuals to criminal behaviour.
The presence of a committed fifth member has spurred the band on to their most adventurous effort to date.
The preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
In some areas, the UN team found that communities were reduced to eating wild plants and had access only to very limited supplies of water.
In the case of work up, the noun group following the verb is always a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl P to n.
He had worked himself up to such a pitch of indignation that he had to tell me the whole story.
  • drive
  • incite
  • incline
  • move
  • predispose
  • reduce (usu passive)
  • rouse (usu passive)
  • bring round
  • put up
  • spur on
  • work up
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