V n to n

III.1 The 'devote' group

These verbs are concerned with devoting or dedicating yourself, your time, or your energy to a particular cause or activity. This includes restricting or tying yourself to one particular activity.
With her household now running comparatively smoothly, Eleanor was able to devote still more time to worthy projects outside her home.
The preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
I wouldn't like to be tied to catching the last train home.
In the case of abandon, apply, commit, confine, dedicate, devote, limit, pledge,and restrict, the noun group following the verb is always or often a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V pron-refl to n/-ing.
The Guardian addresses itself to the question of how the opposition parties should act over the issue.
We don't want to commit ourselves to doing anything that might require too much strength, endurance, or time.
The report recommended that council members confine themselves to debating broad issues of social policy, leaving the professionals responsible for the detailed execution.
The government will continue to dedicate itself to peace.
In his preface to The Story of Art, Sir Ernst makes it clear that he limits himself to real works of art and does not consider mere specimens of fashion.
Chomsky is not interested in linguistic variation. He restricts himself to grammar, and in particular to core grammar.
  • abandon
  • address
  • apply
  • commit
  • confine
  • dedicate
  • devote
  • enslave
  • limit
  • pledge
  • restrict
  • rivet (usu passive)
  • tie (usu passive)
  • give over (usu passive)
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