V n to n

III.2 The 'limit' and 'extend' group

These verbs are concerned with:
    limiting or restricting yourself or someone else to a particular amount of something
    limiting a thing or activity to a particular person, thing or idea
    extending or generalizing something so that it affects more people or things.
He now wants to extend his law to all private and public buildings.
The association chose to limit normal membership to licensed physicians.
In the case of limit, ration, and restrict, the noun group following the preposition is often an amount. This pattern is V n to amount. Where the noun group following the verb is a reflexive pronoun, the pattern is V pron-refl to amount.
When her children were young, viewing was rationed to about three times a week.
The doctor told him that an excess of sweeteners was aggravating his mother's condition and made him promise to see she restricted herself to six a day.
  • broaden
  • extend
  • generalize (usu passive)
  • limit
  • ration (usu passive)
  • restrict
  • boil down (usu passive)
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