V n

II.10 The 'face', 'take three days', and 'next week sees' groups

These verbs and Objects together are concerned with place or time. They can be divided into three groups:
The 'face' groupThe verb and the Object together indicate place or extent. This includes:
    where something or someone is relative to something else e.g. meet, pass
    the direction something or someone is pointing or facing e.g. face
    how big or extensive something is e.g. fill
Her face was painfully contorted as she cleared the final hurdle.
The Canadian tour was scheduled to cover 16,000 miles in nine weeks.
Each atom, as observed, was seen to have three proper motions of its own: spinning on its axis like a top, describing a small circle with its axis like a top, contracting and expanding like a heart.
He turned on the bed until he was facing her directly and spoke in a tight voice.
We didn't want players running the length of the field, stretching themselves unnecessarily.
The verbs cross, divide, follow, join, meet, pass, and one sense of run have an inanimate Subject.
A flicker of real alarm crossed his face.
There were a few small fir trees where the sand dunes met the cobble beach.
Beyond the pub, the road passes a farmyard and becomes a grass track.
  • clear (an object)
  • cover (a distance)
  • cross (an area or line)
  • cross* (your face)
  • describe (a circle)
  • divide (an area)
  • face (a thing or direction)
  • fill (a space)
  • fish (a river)
  • fit*
  • follow (a route)
  • head (a procession)
  • head (a list)
  • join* (a river)
  • jump (a fence)
  • lead (a procession)
  • meet* (an area)
  • meet (a line)
  • occupy (a building)
  • occupy (a seat) (usu passive)
  • occupy (an area)
  • pass
  • pass* (an area)
  • reach* (a place)
  • ring (something) (usu passive)
  • run* (the length of something)
  • run* (a place)
  • settle (an area)
  • surround (a person or thing)
  • top
  • travel (a distance)
  • travel* (the world)
  • walk* (a distance or place)
  • work (an area or place)
  • V n P and V P n (not pron)
  • fill up (a space)
  • pass by*
  • V P n and V P P n
  • cut across* (a division)
  • lead off* (a place)
  • lead on to* (a place)
  • The 'take three days' groupThe 'next week sees' group

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