V out of n

Structure I: Verbs in phase

V out of -ing
 Verb groupout of-ing
Shechickenedout ofconfessing. 
Insurance companieswriggleout ofpayingjust claims.
Verbs with this structure are all concerned with not doing something. This includes:
    not doing something you had planned or promised e.g. chicken, get
    stopping doing something e.g. drop
The banks may drop out of lending to sovereign governments.
I found myself trying to scheme how I could get out of taking my kid to the beach.
America had decided to pull out of financing the proposed construction of the Aswan Dam.
  • back
  • chicken
  • drop
  • duck
  • get
  • opt
  • pull
  • wriggle
  • When the preposition out of is followed by a noun group, these verbs have Structure II (see meaning group II.1).

    Structure information: Verbs in phase

    The verb is followed by the preposition out of and the '-ing'form of another verb. The verbs are in phase, and together form a complex verb group. This means that the actions or states expressed by the two verbs cannot be separated from each other. For example, if you opt out of voting, the opting and the not voting are not two processes, but one. The complex verb group is followed by a group, phrase, or clause which completes the pattern of the second verb. In the structure table above, this is called a Completive. For example, if the second verb is normally followed by a noun group, then the Completive of the complex verb group will be a noun group. This structure has no passive.

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