V that

Should or subjunctive in that-clause

Some verbs can have should or a subjunctive in the that-clause. They are concerned with statements or requests that something should be done.
The government has ordered that people should not gather in groups of more than two on the streets.
I propose that we examine two basic trends, moving in opposite directions.
I suggested that we taper off the counseling sessions.
  • advise
  • advocate
  • agree
  • ask
  • beg
  • command
  • decree
  • demand
  • direct
  • insist
  • instruct
  • intend
  • move
  • ordain
  • order
  • plead
  • prefer
  • propose
  • recommend
  • request
  • require
  • rule
  • specify
  • stipulate
  • suggest
  • urge
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