V that

The 'think' group

These verbs are concerned with thinking. This includes:
    having a belief
    knowing or understanding something
    hoping and fearing
He was fantastically short of money, so everyone just assumed he sold the pictures.
Once I realized how much time I was spending at work, and how little I was enjoying life, I decided that things had to change.
The students fear that the government does not intend to fulfil this demand.
'I didn't know you owned a camera,' said Michael.
It was a calculated risk. They probably reasoned that without proof the fuss would die down.
Nobody suspected that the comet might contain much smaller particles.
I thought you were dead.
Agree and concur are reciprocal verbs (see Chapter 6) which often have a plural Subject with this pattern and meaning.
Scientists agree that these lumps of matter must originate in the asteroid belt.
  • accept
  • acknowledge
  • agree
  • anticipate
  • appreciate
  • assume
  • believe
  • (cannot) believe
  • bet
  • calculate
  • (cannot) conceive
  • concur
  • conjecture
  • consider
  • (cannot) credit
  • decide
  • determine
  • disagree
  • disbelieve
  • doubt
  • dread
  • dream
  • (never) dreamed
  • envisage
  • envision
  • estimate
  • expect
  • fancy
  • fantasize
  • fear
  • feel
  • figure
  • foresee
  • forget
  • fret
  • gather
  • grasp
  • guess
  • hallucinate
  • hold
  • hope
  • hypothesize
  • imagine
  • intend
  • know
  • marvel
  • muse
  • pray
  • presume
  • realize
  • reason
  • reckon
  • reflect
  • regret
  • rejoice
  • remember
  • resolve
  • see
  • speculate
  • surmise
  • suppose
  • suspect
  • theorize
  • think
  • trust
  • understand
  • vow
  • wish
  • wonder
  • worry
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