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III.1 The 'tremble' group

These verbs indicate that someone does something or has a particular appearance or physical sensation because of what they feel. This includes:
    moving e.g. squirm, tremble
    making a noise e.g. hoot, snort
    someone's eyes having a particular appearance e.g. blaze, glisten
Her eyes blazed with fury.
The boys hooted with laughter as they watched the man in the water being hauled into the motorboat, drenched and dripping.
His face lit up with pleasure.
Eve fell into her chair. She was trembling with rage.
  • beam
  • blaze (Your eyes)
  • boil
  • brighten (Your eyes)
  • bristle
  • bubble
  • burn
  • cackle
  • cloud (Your eyes/face)
  • crow
  • cry
  • explode
  • gleam (Your eyes)
  • glisten (Your eyes)
  • glitter (Your eyes)
  • glow
  • groan
  • hoot
  • howl
  • laugh
  • quake
  • quiver
  • reel
  • roar
  • scream
  • seethe
  • shake
  • shake (Your voice)
  • shine (Your eyes)
  • shiver
  • shriek
  • shudder
  • sigh
  • smoulder
  • snort
  • sparkle (Your eyes)
  • sparkle
  • squeak
  • squeal
  • squirm
  • swell
  • throb
  • tingle
  • tremble
  • bubble over
  • double up
  • fall about
  • light up (Your eyes/face)
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