V with quote

V to n with quote

The verb is used with a quote clause and is followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with to. The Subject always comes before the verb.
The prepositional phrase indicates who is being addressed.
'Your cat isn't very friendly,' a woman complained to Reggie.
'This is all very well,' he muttered to himself, 'but what about my dinner?'
I said to Al, 'Wait a minute. What time did Steve call you?'
In the case of muse, reason, say, think, and wonder, the noun group following the preposition is always a reflexive pronoun. This pattern is V to pron-refl with quote. These verbs indicate that someone is thinking. Sometimes quotation marks are not used around the quote clause.
'No,' he said to himself. 'It's not going to be like that.'
Just what I was afraid of, Tatiana thought to herself.
  • admit
  • announce
  • boast
  • brag
  • cable
  • call
  • comment
  • complain
  • confess
  • confide
  • crow
  • cry
  • declare
  • exclaim
  • explain
  • explode
  • expostulate
  • exult
  • fume
  • go
  • groan
  • grouse
  • grumble
  • gush
  • hiss
  • holler
  • insist
  • joke
  • lament
  • moan
  • mumble
  • murmur
  • muse
  • mutter
  • observe
  • proclaim
  • protest
  • quip
  • rage
  • reason
  • remark
  • report
  • say
  • scream
  • shout
  • suggest
  • telegraph
  • think
  • wail
  • whimper
  • whisper
  • wonder
  • write
  • yell
  • call out
  • Most of the verbs in meaning group 3 can have this pattern, but it is most frequent with the ones included in the above list.

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