The 'turn' group

These verbs indicate that someone or something changes posture, arrangement, or orientation, but does not move from one place to another. This includes:
    opening and closing
    continually moving e.g. beat, shake
    moving a limb or limbs e.g. hit out, kick
    standing up and sitting down
    falling down
Kelly's heart was beating so hard she could barely breathe.
When I saw him lying on the floor, I thought he had just fallen over and hit himself on the head.
A hand groped swiftly and expertly in his bush-jacket pocket; he hit out wildly.
At this moment the screen door opened and John McGinnis emerged.
Her eyes were full of fear, and her hand shook slightly as she ate.
He stood up and went to the door.
She turned and stared at him.
Ross hit the brakes but the car turned over and crashed into a tree.
  • beat (Your heart)
  • beat (A bird's wings)
  • close
  • drop
  • fall
  • fly (Your hair)
  • kick
  • move
  • open
  • relax (Your muscles)
  • shake
  • shut
  • sit
  • stand
  • stretch
  • struggle
  • turn
  • fall down
  • fall over
  • get down
  • get up
  • hit out
  • kick out
  • lie back
  • lie down
  • open out
  • ride up
  • sit down
  • sit up
  • stand up
  • stretch out
  • turn around/round
  • turn over
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