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  • The object pronoun le can mean (to) him, (to) her and (to) you; les can mean (to) them and (to) you, and se can mean all of these things, which could lead to some confusion.
  • To make it clear which one is meant, a él (meaning to him), a ella (meaning to her), a usted (meaning to you) and so on can be added to the phrase.
A ella le escriben mucho.They write to her often.
A ellos se lo van a mandar pronto.They will be sending it to them soon.
  • When a noun object comes before the verb, the corresponding object pronoun must be used too.
A tu hermano lo conozco bien. I know your brother well.
(literally: Your brother I know him well.)
A María la vemos algunas veces. We sometimes see María.
(literally: María we see her sometimes.)
  • Indirect object pronouns are often used in constructions with the definite article with parts of the body or items of clothing to show who they belong to. In English, we’d use a possessive adjective.
La chaqueta le estaba ancha.His jacket was too loose.
Me duele el tobillo.My ankle’s sore.
  • Indirect object pronouns can also be used in certain common phrases which use reflexive verbs.
Se me ha perdido el bolígrafo.I have lost my pen.
  • Note that in Spain, you will often hear le and les used instead of lo and los as direct object pronouns when referring to men and boys. It is probably better not to copy this practice since it is considered incorrect in some varieties of Spanish, particularly Latin American ones.

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