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What is a pronoun?
A pronoun is a word you use instead of a noun, when you do not need or want to name someone or something directly, for example, it, you, somebody, who, that.
  • There are many different kinds of pronoun, and all the words underlined in the sentences below are classified as pronouns. As you will see, they are extremely important and versatile words in everyday use.
I liked the black trousers but I(subject pronoun; direct object pronoun)
couldn’t afford them.
I’m not going to eat it.(subject pronoun)
You know Jack? I saw him at the(direct object pronoun)
I emailed her my latest ideas.(indirect object pronoun)
It’s mine.(possessive pronoun)
Someone came to see you yesterday.(indefinite pronoun)
There’s nothing I can do about it.(indefinite pronoun)
This is the book I meant.(demonstrative pronoun)
That’s Ian.(demonstrative pronoun)
Who’s he?(interrogative pronoun)
What are those lights over there?(interrogative pronoun)
  • Personal pronouns are words such as I, you, he, she, us, them, and so forth, which make it clear who you are talking about or talking to. Personal pronouns replace nouns when it’s clear who or what is being referred to, for example,
    My brother’s not here at the moment. He’ll be back in an hour.
  • There are two types of personal pronoun:
  • subject pronouns for the person or thing performing the action expressed by the verb.
I like you a lot.
They always go there on Sundays.
  • object pronouns for the person or thing most directly affected by the action.
I’ll help you.
They sent it to me yesterday.
He gave us a very warm welcome.
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