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  • In Spanish, there is a second set of possessive adjectives, which mean (of) mine, (of) yours and so on. Like other adjectives in Spanish, they change in the feminine and plural forms.
míomíamíosmíasmine/of mine
tuyotuyatuyostuyasyours/of yours (belonging to )
suyosuyasuyossuyashis/of his; hers/of hers; of its; yours/of yours (belonging to usted)
nuestronuestranuestrosnuestrasours/of ours
vuestrovuestravuestrosvuestrasyours/of yours (belonging to vosotros/as)
suyosuyasuyossuyastheirs/of theirs; yours/of yours (belonging to ustedes)
  • For more information on Ways of saying ‘you’ in Spanish, see Pronouns.
un amigo míoa (male) friend of mine, one of my (male) friends
una revista tuyaa magazine of yours, one of your magazines
una tía suyaan aunt of his/hers/theirs/yours, one of his/her/their/your aunts
una amiga nuestraa (female) friend of ours, one of our friends
¿De quién es esta bufanda? – Es mía.Whose scarf is this? – It’s mine.
  • Note that unlike the other possessive adjectives, these adjectives go AFTER the noun they describe.
un amigo vuestroa (male) friend of yours, one of your friends
TipPossessive adjectives agree with what they describe NOT with the person who owns that thing.
Estos apuntes son míos.These notes are mine.
Grammar Extra!mío/mía and so on are also used in exclamations and when addressing someone. In this case they mean the same as my in English.
¡Dios mío!My God!
amor míomy love
Muy señor míoDear Sir
hija míamy dear daughter

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