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et, mais, ou, parce que and si - Easy Learning Grammar French

  • et, mais, ou, parce que and si are the most common conjunctions that you need to know in French.
  • et and
toi et moiyou and me
Il pleut et il fait très froid.It’s raining and it’s very cold.
  • mais but
C’est cher mais de très bonne qualité.It’s expensive, but very good quality.
  • Note that mais is also commonly found in front of oui and si.
‘Tu viens ce soir?’ – ‘Mais oui!’‘Are you coming tonight?’ – ‘Definitely!’
‘Il n’a pas encore fini?’ – ‘Mais si!’‘Hasn’t he finished yet?’ – ‘He certainly has!’
  • ou or
Tu préfères le vert ou le bleu?Do you like the green one or the blue one?
Donne-moi ça ou je me fâche!Give me that or I’ll get cross!
TipBe careful not to confuse ou (meaning or) with (meaning where).
  • parce que because
Je ne peux pas sortir parce que j’ai encore du travail à faire.I can’t go out because I’ve still got work to do.
Tipparce que changes to parce qu’ before a word beginning with a vowel, most words starting with h, and the French word y.
Il ne vient pas parce qu’il n’a pas de voiture.He isn’t coming because he doesn’t have a car.
  • si if
Je me demande si elle ment.I wonder if she’s lying.
Si j’étais à ta place, je ne l’inviterais pas.If I were you, I wouldn’t invite him.
Tipsi changes to s’ before il or ils.
S’il ne pleut pas, on mangera dehors.If it doesn’t rain, we’ll eat outside.

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