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What is an indefinite adjective?
An indefinite adjective is one of a small group of adjectives that are used to talk about people or things in a general way without saying exactly who or what they are, for example, several, all, every.
  • In French, this type of adjective comes BEFORE the noun it refers to. Here are the most common French indefinite adjectives:
Masculine singularFeminine singularMasculine pluralFeminine pluralMeaning
chaquechaque--every, each
--quelquesquelquessome, a few
touttoutetoustoutesall, every
J’ai d’autres projets.I’ve got other plans.
J’y vais chaque année.I go every year.
J’ai le même manteau.I have the same coat.
Il a quelques amis à Paris.He has some friends in Paris.
Il reste quelques bouteilles.There are a few bottles left.
Il travaille tout le temps.He works all the time.
TipYou can also use tout to talk about how often something happens.
tous les joursevery day
tous les deux joursevery other day
  • Note that these words can also be used as pronouns, standing in place of a noun instead of being used with one. chaque and quelques have a slightly different form when they are used in this way.
  • For more information on Pronouns, see Pronouns.
Key points
  • The most common French indefinite adjectives are autre, chaque, même, quelques and tout.
  • They come before the noun when they are used in this way.

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