Easy Learning French
The Alphabet
  • The French alphabet is pronounced differently from the way it is pronounced in English. Use the list below to help you sound out the letters.
A, a[ɑ](ah)like ‘a’ in ‘la’
B, b[be](bay) 
C, c[se](say) 
D, d[de](day) 
E, e[ə](uh)like ‘e’ in ‘le’
F, f[εf](eff) 
G, g[Ze](jay) 
H, h[aʃ](ash) 
I, i[i](ee) 
J, j[Zi](jee) 
K, k[ka](ka) 
L, l[εl](ell) 
M, m[εm](emm) 
N, n[εn](enn) 
O, o[o](oh) 
P, p[pe](pay) 
Q, q[ky](ku)like ‘u’ in ‘une’
R, r[εr](air) 
S, s[εs](ess) 
T, t[te](tay) 
U, u[y](u)like ‘u’ in ‘une’
V, v[ve](vay) 
W, w[dubləve](doobla-vay) 
X, x[iks](eex) 
Y, y[igrεk](ee-grek) 
Z, z[zεd](zed) 

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