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Split conjunctions - Easy Learning Grammar Italian

  • English split conjunctions such as either … or and both … and are translated by split conjunctions in Italian.
  • o … o either … or
o oggi o domanieither today or tomorrow
Ti accompagneranno o Carlo o Marco.Either Carlo or Marco will go with you.
  • né … né neither … nor, either … or
Non mi hanno chiamato Claudio Luca.Neither Claudio nor Luca has phoned me.
Non avevo guanti scarponi.I didn’t have either gloves or boots.
  • sia … che both … and
Verrano sia Luigi che suo fratello.Both Luigi and his brother are coming.
  • Note that in English a singular verb is used in sentences that have split conjunctions. In Italian a plural verb is used in sentences with split conjunctions if the two people or things involved are both the subject of the verb.
Non vengono né lui né sua moglie.Neither he nor his wife is coming.

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