a N

The 'clean' group

These nouns refer to actions of various kinds. Most of them, like clean and cut, have associated verbs.
It is good to see The Independent giving an airing to the issue of electoral reform.
Everything she had on from hat to shoe needed a good brush.
Men now pay £39 for a cut and blow dry and women £59.
I thought I'd have a quick flick through some recent issues to find out when was the last time that our team won a point.
Small producers can't get a look-in with supermarkets, as you have to be able to supply the whole of the UK.
'I just came to have a peep,' she said, 'and everything looks wonderful.'
Second-hand office furniture stores are almost always worth a rummage through if you're looking for cheap and sturdy lighting or simple yet comfortable tables and chairs.
Some of my friends do the ironing when their children are asleep, but personally, I think this is a time when I'm allowed to have a sit-down.
'It's important to make a stand for taste and discrimination in a tasteless world,' she declares.
'I had a think about what I wanted to do but it only took me minutes to decide on athletics,' Natula said.
Calling all new students! May we have a word with you about your banking arrangements?
  • afterthought
  • airing
  • bathe
  • brush
  • clap
  • clean
  • clip
  • crouch
  • cry
  • cut
  • effort
  • flap
  • flick
  • hand
  • look
  • look-in
  • nod
  • peck
  • peek
  • peep
  • pull
  • push
  • read
  • rummage
  • rush
  • say
  • scrub
  • second thought
  • sit-down
  • smoke
  • snog
  • spin
  • squash
  • squat
  • squeeze
  • stand
  • think
  • tow
  • try
  • weep
  • word
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