ADJ after v

Productive uses

1 Pattern 2 (v n ADJ) is often used with verbs such as drive, make, or set to indicate that someone or something is caused to have a particular quality, or to be in a particular state. It is also used with verbs such as keep to indicate that someone or something is caused to retain a quality or remain in a state.
The blast was so intense that several parked cars were set ablaze.
She's driving me crazy.
He threw himself flat and crawled toward a clump of shrubbery.
'Sport is going to keep you healthy and take the stress out of your mind,' she said.
There can be no other reason for keeping these documents secret other than that they cause embarrassment to the British establishment.
The van in which they were travelling was turned over, the occupants were dragged out and beaten senseless.
And I knew what had made me so unhappy for so long.
2 Conversion note: Inserted number. Though the adjective usually comes after the noun group, it sometimes comes before it, especially when the noun group is a long one.
She and Mr Sweet are keeping secret the location of their wedding, reception and honeymoon.
3 Pattern 2 (v n ADJ) is often used with verbs such as find, think, and consider to indicate what someone thinks of a person or thing.
Some adults may find it amusing, others may be appalled.
I was never considered particularly clever.

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