ADJ from n

The 'dead' group

These adjectives indicate that a person is dead, disabled, ill, or uncomfortable. The noun group following from indicates the cause. In the case of most of these adjectives, the Subject indicates the person.
Within a couple of months, he was dead from pneumonia.
In the case of numb, raw, sore, and stiff, the Subject sometimes indicates a part of the body.
Anna got up and stretched. Her muscles were sore from the stillness.
The preposition from is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
The reports and tissue samples revealed the truth: the people who died hadn't gotten sick from eating contaminated meat.
  • dead
  • disabled
  • faint
  • giddy
  • hoarse
  • ill
  • numb
  • raw
  • sick
  • sore
  • stiff
  • weak
  • weary
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