ADJ to n

Adjectives with other meanings

There are a number of other adjectives which have this pattern.
The clock contains a quartz movement accurate to 60 seconds a year.
She loathed herself for all these suspicions, so alien to her nature, but they had grasped her with their talons and she could not escape them.
Breeding racehorses is largely a matter of common sense allied to experience, together with a deep interest in the subject.
I never felt close to my father.
This chapter is devoted to the subject of chairmanship.
At that time, new to the job, he was keen to demonstrate his sureness of mind.
She sat at her own large desk in an office adjoining his study, and was privy to all but the most confidential conversations.
  • accurate
  • adaptable
  • alien
  • allied
  • amenable
  • attached
  • attributable
  • close
  • connected
  • dedicated
  • devoted
  • due
  • faithful
  • foreign
  • free
  • internal
  • natural
  • new
  • opaque
  • payable
  • privy
  • reducible
  • welcome
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