ADJ to n

The 'partial' group

These adjectives indicate that someone likes or dislikes someone or something, or that they want someone or something. The noun group following the preposition to indicates the person or thing that is liked or disliked.
Palo Alto officials have been cool to the idea of sharing the cost of the road and Stanford has dropped that request.
I am partial to a mixture of Madeira or port and orange.
As General Haig was wedded to his profession, he expected his men to be similarly attached.
In the case of those adjectives which indicate how someone feels about a situation, the preposition to is sometimes followed by an '-ing' clause.
Shakespeare was not averse to borrowing from ancient and, even, contemporary authors.
  • addicted
  • allergic
  • attached
  • attracted
  • (not) averse
  • cool
  • devoted
  • disposed
  • favourable
  • inimical
  • married
  • open
  • opposed
  • partial
  • receptive
  • reconciled
  • resistant
  • sympathetic
  • wedded
  • well disposed
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