ADJ with n

The 'decorated' group

These adjectives indicate that something has some other kind of pattern or decoration on it. This includes:
    adjectives meaning 'decorated' e.g. bedecked, emblazoned
    adjectives meaning 'edged' e.g. fringed, rimmed
    adjectives indicating that something is slightly coloured e.g. stained, tinged
The walls are decorated with prints and photographs of a generally theatrical nature.
The southwestern shores are fringed with coral reefs and the eastern shores incorporate a stretch of beach suitable for sea bathing.
The road was scattered with empty cannon shells and stained with blood.
  • arrayed
  • bedecked
  • decorated
  • edged
  • emblazoned
  • finished
  • fringed
  • ornamented
  • rimmed
  • stained
  • tinged
  • tinted
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