Combining forms

Combining forms with other meanings

There are a number of other words that combine to form adjectives. They combine with a range of other words:
    with nouns: -based, -bearing, -blooming, -bound, -friendly, -intensive, -prone, -related, -saving, -shaded, -shy, -speaking, -specific, -unfriendly, -worthy
    with adjectives: -budget, -edged, -ranked, -ranking
    with adverbs: -disposed, -loved, -matched, -off, -paced, -paid, -placed, -schooled, -sound, -strapped, -suited, -unsound
    with ordinals: -generation
    with numbers: -something
    with nouns and adverbs: -populated, -style
    with adverbs and adjectives: -knit
Adjectives formed with -matched and -suited make reciprocal adjectives.
She recommends an oil-based cleanser, a slightly textured cloth and lots of warm water on a daily basis.
A steel house can be built with no internal load-bearing walls at all.
We were able to land in Dubai after flying around searching for other airports only to find that they too were fog-bound, and due to the delay we missed our connection.
Before I produced Shallow Grave I worked on several low-budget films as part of the production crew.
In keeping with a family-friendly philosophy, the Peggs allot one field away from the hubbub for those with children.
The family was never well off. They were always on what Jones calls 'struggle street'.
'Bones' was a fast-paced thriller set in Australia.
He was slow when dressing himself, uncoordinated when he tried to ride a bicycle, clumsy with his hands, and accident prone.
Among my mother's many other admirers was a high-ranking German diplomat.
A crackdown on drug-related crime by Sussex police resulted in 51 arrests and the seizure of a sizeable amount of cocaine.
They are also very much aware that, beneath the increasing tolerance, there still lurk deeply-rooted prejudices and fears.
Andrew Mackenzie is like thousands of other twenty-something men: for years he has had the travel bug, but his dilemma has always been how to fund a few months abroad.
If the accountant says the company is financially sound and strong while in fact it is about to go bankrupt, the lender and investors will of course lose their money.
Two years on, Brian and Audrey are still very much together. A friend said: 'They are extremely well-suited.'
Adjectives formed with -schooled are followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with in.
He's probably well schooled in survival.
Adjectives formed with -disposed and -suited are followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with to; -disposed is sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with towards.
He had a good knowledge of the youth movement and was well disposed to it.
The effect was to channel aid through an institution that was not well suited to administering it.
Adjectives formed with -placed are followed by a to-infinitive clause.
They are now well placed to take advantage of business opportunities.
  • -based
  • -bearing
  • -blooming
  • -budget (graded)
  • -disposed (graded)
  • -edged (graded)
  • -friendly (graded)
  • -generation
  • -intensive (graded)
  • -knit (graded)
  • -loved (graded)
  • -matched (graded)
  • -off (graded)
  • -paced (graded)
  • -paid (graded)
  • -placed (graded)
  • -populated
  • -prone (graded)
  • -ranked
  • -ranking
  • -related
  • -saving
  • -schooled (graded)
  • -shaded
  • -shy
  • -something
  • -sound
  • -speaking
  • -specific (graded)
  • -strapped
  • -style
  • -suited (graded)
  • -unfriendly (graded)
  • -unsound
  • -worthy (graded)
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