Graded and ungraded adjectives

Pattern 7: ADJ enough

The adjective is followed by the adverb enough.
Enough sometimes means 'sufficient', particularly in a clause beginning with if or unless.
A flow of heat is a flow of energy, and can in principle be made to do useful work, if we are clever enough.
I was fit enough and felt I needed a new challenge.
If you are rich enough, or know a trick or two, you can always get round the restrictions.
Enough sometimes means 'fairly', particularly when the adjective indicates a positive quality. The clause with this pattern is often followed by a clause beginning with but.
She seemed bright enough, but I noticed she was restless.
It was easy enough to wish for the death of a stranger.
Slapstick comedy is harmless enough but rather short on laughs.
Enough sometimes means 'very', particularly when the adjective indicates a negative quality.
The pain was bad enough during the day, but at night it became intolerable.
As if life weren't complex enough, he also witnesses a murder.
He'd been short and uncivil with her, but it was difficult enough coping with his own problems at the moment, let alone hers.
It's plain enough that you're not exactly excited about our date tonight.

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