in N

The 'dialect' and 'writing' group

These nouns refer to ways of writing or saying something. We include here in hardback, in paperback, in softback, and in e-book, which refer to forms of publishing a book.
Likewise, parents may be offended by their child speaking in his local dialect.
He is teaching himself classical Greek so he can read his favourite works in the original.
'Ariadne's Children' was published in paperback in 1995.
Inside was a letter written in pencil on yellowing lined sheets.
Among his earliest literary efforts in prose had been tales of fantasy.
This can be expressed in simple terms as follows.
This use is productive with nouns referring to languages, for example in English.
In another comer Bill would be poring over his books, muttering away in Arabic.
  • in block capitals
  • in block letters
  • in bold*
  • in code*
  • in dialect
  • in e-book
  • in hardback
  • in italics*
  • in longhand
  • in manuscript
  • in monosyllables
  • in paperback
  • in pen
  • in pencil
  • in print
  • in prose*
  • in shorthand
  • in softback
  • in translation
  • in upper case*
  • in verse*
  • in words*
  • in writing
  • in ... format /in the format of ...
  • in ... handwriting
  • in ... language
  • in ... letters
  • in ... parlance
  • in ... words
  • in ... terminology
  • in ... terms*
  • in a ... dialect
  • in a ... language*
  • in a ... tongue
  • in the original
  • in the vernacular*
  • in my handwriting
  • The nouns marked with an asterisk (*) also have the pattern into N.
    Was that what gave you the idea that these stories could be turned into verse?
    Their lyrics cannot be translated into a European language without losing their power and beauty.

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