in N

The 'fancy dress' group

These nouns refer to things that people wear. We include here chains and plaster.
This use is very productive. The pattern can be used with any noun group referring to clothes, for example in jeans or in a blue dress, and also with colour words, for example in red. Many of these nouns in this pattern are sometimes used to indicate someone's situation as well as their clothes. For example, in rags means 'very poor' and in chains means 'in prison'.
I love working in period costume.
Guests were told to come in fancy dress.
They even posed for photographs in their finery.
Armed men in uniform drift in and out of the shadows.
  • in armour
  • in chains
  • in civvies
  • in costume
  • in disguise
  • in drag
  • in fancy dress
  • in mourning
  • in plain clothes
  • in plaster
  • in rags
  • in uniform
  • in ... costume
  • in ... dress
  • in ... garb
  • in my finery
  • Uniform also has the pattern into N.
    They are pressing people into uniform because of dwindling recruitment.

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