Introductory it as Object

3.1 V it as n/adj that

The verb is followed by it, a prepositional phrase which consists of as and a noun group or an adjective group, and a that-clause.
Most of the verbs with this pattern are concerned with how someone sees or interprets a situation.
Have we grown up accepting it as fact that there always have been and always will be starving children in Africa?
We accept it as obvious that music and art should be based on basic symmetries and relationships.
I regard it as an affront to civil liberty that any person going about his lawful business should be stopped randomly by any authority.
I see it as a serious flaw that a report can have that kind of ambiguity.
The passive pattern is it be V-ed as n/adj that, where it is the Subject of the clause.
It is seen as ironic that after saying he was the only person who could hold the country together, he is now trying to create a federation.
  • accept
  • regard
  • see
  • take
  • view
  • There is one other verb with this pattern. The preposition as is followed by a noun group, not an adjective group.
    The professor has given it as his opinion that the expedition took place about the era of Magnus Maximus (380-390).
  • give
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