Introductory it as Subject

3.1 it V prep that

The verb is followed by a prepositional phrase and a that-clause. The prepositional phrase is the prepositional Complement with the verbs be, come, and count, and an Adjunct with the other verbs.
itVerb groupprepositionnoun groupthat-clause
SubjectVerbprepositional ComplementClause
Itistoour creditthat people are now healthier.
Itcountsasan achievementthat he was able to resign.
itVerb groupprepositionnoun groupthat-clause
Itcametolightthat the plane had not been insured.
Itgoeswithoutsayingthat most gardeners love the outdoor life.
Verbs with this pattern have a variety of meanings. Most of them occur within fairly fixed phrases.
It is to his credit that the bitterness he felt over his recent failure did not alter his determination to carry out his regimental duties to perfection.
It is not for nothing that sports people call their clothes their 'strip'. Athletes now wear clinging, black garments that leave nothing to the imagination.
It came as little surprise that the twelve ministers found much to criticise in the reform proposals
Since alcohol is drying, it stands to reason that those products marketed for women with dry skin have little or no alcohol.
There is one phrasal verb with this pattern, creep up. Its pattern is it V P on n that.
It's hard to say at first why Ed is so remarkable but then it creeps up on you that this is top-quality song-writing.
  • be
  • come (as)
  • come (to light)
  • count (as)
  • go (without)
  • stand
  • creep up
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