Introductory it as Subject

5.7 it V n for n to-inf

The verb is followed by a noun group and a clause which consists of the preposition for, a noun group and a to-infinitive clause. The noun group following the verb is the Complement with be and become, and the Object with take.
There are only three verbs with this pattern. The verbs be and become are link verbs (see Chapter 5).
It has become common practice for winemakers to add acid to some sun-ripe wines to boost freshness.
It was taking months and months for them to get back with answers.
Sometimes it takes courage for us to approach the subject of the death with another survivor.
In the case of take, the first noun group following the verb is often an amount. This pattern is it V amount for n to-inf.
It didn't take too long for everyone to catch on to the real meaning behind the doublespeak.
  • be
  • become
  • take
  • In addition, the phrase make sense has this pattern.
    'Maybe it does make sense for us to get together', he said.

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