Introductory it as Subject

6.7 it V adj for n to-inf

The verb is followed by an adjective group and a clause which consists of the preposition for, a noun group, and a to-infinitive clause. The adjective group is the Complement.
itVerb groupadjective groupfornoun groupto-infinitive clause
Itwaseasyformeto get there on foot.
Itremainspossibleforthemto finish the course.
These verbs are concerned with what someone or something is, becomes, feels or looks like when they do or experience something. They are all link verbs (see Chapter 5).
It was becoming quite difficult for me to commute the fifty miles from my home and office in Chicago several times a week.
It looks bad for a civilized country to have these kinds of problems.
It seems almost impossible for me to find myself in a relationship without wanting to get away at some point.
  • appear
  • be
  • become
  • feel
  • look
  • prove
  • remain
  • seem
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