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The 'awful' group

These adjectives indicate that the event or situation indicated by the that-clause is a bad or undesirable one. They include:
    words with a general meaning e.g. appalling, awful, deplorable
    words with a specific meaning e.g. immoral, hypocritical, unjust
    words that describe the effect it has on someone e.g. annoying, frustrating, sickening
This is a productive use: any adjective that means 'bad' or 'undesirable' can be used in this pattern. We show below the most frequent.
It is awful that it should end like this.
A police spokesman said: 'It is very disturbing that two lads so young were in possession of such a weapon and were willing to use it.'
I don't think there is too much sex on TV but it is frustrating that so many films centre their story around sex, or rely on it as a means to tell the story.
I sometimes think it's so sad you and Patrick have no children of your own.
First, they agreed it was silly that both of them should do it, then they couldn't agree who would be the one to do it, so they ended up both doing it.
It is still considered basically unjust that a person should obtain more money by state assistance than by working for it.
  • absurd
  • annoying
  • appalling
  • awful
  • awkward
  • bad
  • confusing
  • crazy
  • criminal
  • daft
  • deplorable
  • depressing
  • diabolical
  • disappointing
  • disgraceful
  • disgusting
  • disheartening
  • dismaying
  • disquieting
  • distasteful
  • distressing
  • disturbing
  • dreadful
  • frustrating
  • galling
  • hard
  • heartbreaking
  • horrendous
  • horrific
  • hypocritical
  • illogical
  • immoral
  • improper
  • inappropriate
  • indefensible
  • inexcusable
  • infuriating
  • iniquitous
  • intolerable
  • lamentable
  • laughable
  • ludicrous
  • monstrous
  • obscene
  • outrageous
  • pathetic
  • perverse
  • preposterous
  • regrettable
  • reprehensible
  • ridiculous
  • sad
  • scandalous
  • shameful
  • shocking
  • sickening
  • silly
  • stupid
  • suspicious
  • terrible
  • terrifying
  • tragic
  • unacceptable
  • unconscionable
  • undesirable
  • unfortunate
  • unjust
  • unreasonable
  • unsatisfactory
  • worrying
  • wrong
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