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The 'accurate' and 'illogical' group

These adjectives indicate that an idea or statement is accurate, obvious, true, or untrue.
It is illogical to believe that old age or a love of privacy should entitle her to expect special treatment.
It is at least plausible to conclude that rainfall patterns will shift and a drought will occur.
The adjectives accurate, fair, obvious, true, and untrue are often used in phrases such as It would be fair to say that.
Anita did not take much notice of the types of people present. It would be more accurate to say that she did not see them.
It may seem obvious to state this, but I am constantly amazed at the small percentage of patients who, given that they feel better avoiding a food, still can't wait to go back to eating it.
The adjective plain is typically used with the verb see.
Why did she make those awful chewing movements with her mouth when it was plain to see she hadn't anything to chew?
  • accurate
  • anachronistic
  • correct
  • erroneous
  • fair
  • fallacious
  • false
  • fanciful
  • illogical
  • illusory
  • inaccurate
  • inconceivable
  • incorrect
  • logical
  • misleading
  • obvious
  • plain
  • plausible
  • right
  • slanderous
  • true
  • untrue
  • valid
  • wrong
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