it v-link det N that

The 'fallacy' group

These nouns indicate that something is either true or false.
It is a common fallacy that quicksand will 'suck' hapless victims into its depths.
It is a truism that charming people often have something to hide - usually their total dependence on others' good opinion.
Fact is often used with the adjectives curious, remarkable, and sad.
It is a sad fact that these children, for some reason, had an obsession with fire.
Misconception is often used with the adjectives popular and common.
It is a popular misconception that cold is only dangerous for those caught on the mountainside or flung into icy water.
  • fact
  • fallacy
  • lie
  • misconception
  • myth
  • nonsense
  • truism
  • truth
  • Nonsense is sometimes used without a determiner. This pattern is it v-link N that.
    It's complete nonsense that I was part of a conspiracy.

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