it v-link det N that

Nouns with other meanings

There are a number of other abstract nouns which have this pattern.
It is a virtual certainty that your bank or building society will be charging you more to borrow than it will pay you for saving.
It is a great irony that when you're at sea, there is water, water everywhere, but never a drop to cook with.
It is a rule that one must wear a school uniform.
Secret is usually used in the phrases it's no secret that or it's an open secret that.
It was an open secret that some of them owed a lot of money.
Accident, coincidence, consolation, surprise, and wonder are also sometimes used with no.
Plants and flowers are Sue's true love, so it's no wonder that they predominate in her home.
Consolation, surprise, and wonder are sometimes used with little.
So it's little surprise that he is seen as one of Italy's top goalkeepers.
  • accident
  • certainty
  • cliché
  • coincidence
  • consolation
  • irony
  • joke
  • mystery
  • paradox
  • possibility
  • reality
  • revelation
  • rule
  • secret
  • surprise
  • wonder
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