it v-link det N to-inf

The 'shame' group

These nouns are used to indicate that an action or state is good or bad in some way.
From that point of view it's an advantage to choose a subject who isn't world-famous.
It would be a shame to demolish it.
It's a waste of time to vote.
Plan and thing are always preceded by an adjective. Idea is typically preceded by an adjective.
I think it's a bad idea to tie your self-image to your perceived success in the film business.
It is a good thing to give them toys which stimulate the imagination.
Disgrace and kindness are sometimes used with the determiner no.
It's no disgrace to come second to him.
  • advantage
  • crime
  • disgrace
  • error
  • idea
  • insult
  • kindness
  • mistake
  • outrage
  • pity
  • plan
  • shame
  • sin
  • thing
  • tragedy
  • waste (of time/worry)
  • Most of these nouns are sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with for. This pattern is it v-link det N for n to-inf.
    I still think it's a mistake for you to see this man alone.
    Insult is sometimes followed by a prepositional phrase beginning with to. The noun group after to refers to a different person from the one who does the action indicated by the to-infinitive clause.
    Besides, it's an insult to her to suggest that she's going to be dominated by her husband.

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