N between pl-n

The 'fight' group

These nouns refer to a fight, argument, contest, or sports match.
A bitter dispute between teachers and the Detroit public school system delayed the start of the school year.
On Wednesday, a black youth was stabbed to death in a fight between pupils at the school.
Their promising young centre will miss the game between England and the Western Samoans because of an injury.
But the illegal trade has bred violence between rival gangs.
Contention usually comes after another noun and the preposition of.
Even the goal of establishing reliable self-care may initially be a point of contention between patient and therapist.
  • altercation
  • argument
  • battle
  • bout
  • brawl
  • clash
  • competition
  • conflict
  • confrontation
  • contention
  • contest
  • contretemps
  • disagreement
  • discord
  • dispute
  • draw
  • duel
  • feud
  • fight
  • fighting
  • final
  • fracas
  • friction
  • game
  • hostilities
  • infighting
  • international
  • match
  • punch-up
  • quarrel
  • race
  • row
  • run-off
  • scrap
  • scuffle
  • semi-final
  • shootout
  • shouting match
  • showdown
  • skirmish
  • spat
  • standoff
  • strife
  • struggle
  • tie
  • trouble
  • tug-of-war
  • tussle
  • vendetta
  • violence
  • war
  • wrangle
  • There is also one noun, battleground, which refers to a place or thing involved in a conflict.
    Kibera became a battleground between youths from the Nubian and Luo tribes.

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